An Intense Winter - Claire Buchar's Canadian Backyard

Claire Buchar - An Intense Winter




I definitely live in a place that has four distinct seasons. And, in their own little ways, I love each one of them.

Winter is by far the toughest, as you can imagine. Whistler lies within a small raised valley surrounded by mountainous folds. We can get a pretty potent concentration of weather here. It comes at us from all angles; the warm wet coast, the cold dry north. It can be brutal…but beautiful. 

"Being dwarfed by mountains means that the sun rises a little later and sets a little earlier. So, in winter, this leaves a pretty short window of daylight in which to get after it. This also means our playground is huge."

Although my body’s natural rhythm slows to this chill season, I still get out when the weather allows. Or I take a short trip out of the pocket to Pemberton, Squamish, North Vancouver or one of the many islands that dot our coast.

In winter, rides are shorter but so are my batteries. One of the reasons why I love to ride is being in the elements. Dark tacky dirt, crisp air, rosy cheeks, cold fingers and toes. It makes you feel alive. 

And the beauty is no less. Happy New Year.




Claire Buchar is known for her dedication to the sport, having spent most of her career as a privateer. She is a talented rider with a lot of heart. As a 12 time Canadian National Team Member, World Championships Bronze Medalist, multiple Canadian National Champion, media regular, coach, team manager and event organizer, Claire is a true ambassador of mountain biking.