What Dealers Are Saying About Intense Rider Direct?

What Dealers Are Saying About Intense Rider Direct?

World Class Bikes, New best value

If you haven’t heard yet, you can now purchase one of the most premium bikes in the world, at a price that leaves the competition in the dust. Intense has rolled out a new sales model that will now allow Project Bike to bring you some of the most sought after, best performing bikes at a far lower price and even better value.


Intense has been shifting its focus and efficiencies to compete in a new and evolving digital marketplace while also leveraging the value and service of it’s proven retail locations. After the use of test markets and a shift in their sales models they have been able to make cost reductions to facilitate this shift to a true omni-channel model. Their main advance comes from the streamlining and consolidating of their distribution channels to create more efficiency. They call this new hybrid, “omni-channel” sales model and distribution system Ride Direct.


What does this mean for you as a rider?

First and foremost, riders will see a substantial price drop across the board on Intense Bikes. The best part… these price drops come with the same premium level of components, quality, and performance you expect from Intense. You can shop at your local Intense Bike dealer and receive the same great price you would find online. This hybrid sales model helps accommodate both styles of shopping preference, and allows for consistent pricing and excellent support before, during, and after the purchase is made. Even if you purchase your new Intense bike from Intense directly you’ll still receive a service contract that will set you up with your local Ride Direct Dealer. This program is an attempt to continue working for riders as always, while still protecting the foundation of ride culture, the local bike shop.


Intense Bikes at Project Bike

While all of the Intense bikes we carry at Project Bike have seen a substantial reduction in retail price to better compete with online retailers, these are just some of our favorites currently in stock!

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