Ethirteen E-spec Race Carbon Wheels

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e*spec is a new category of components designed to withstand the added demands put on components by the extra weight and torque of eBikes.

e*spec wheels use a custom hub that increased dynamic load ratings by 53%, and decreased axle deflection by 37%. e*spec hubs still have 6-degree engagement, but use an outboard bearing to better support the driver body and disperse loads. Mechanism is triple-sealed, and uses a steel axle w/pinch bolt to decrease deflection.

The perfect wheelset for your Tazer Ebike.


2080g 27.5/29" wheelset with valves and tape


e*spec rear hub, specially designed for eBike use comes with Shimano Microspline driver

Internal Width:

30mm 29" wheel and 35mm 27.5" wheel