It's a win-win for all:  Riders, dealers and Intense Cycles. Intense Rider Direct makes it easier than ever to upgrade to an Intense.

  • Dealers in the network receive service contracts in their given territories  for every bike purchased at
  • Dealers carry a pre-selected range of Intense bicycles for our consumers at the same competitive price as we have listed on-line.
  • Dealers are included on our Rider Direct Dealer Network page where riders can go to shop in-store in their neighborhood.
  • Dealers will continue to service their loyal customer base, and continue to grow it with the help of on-line purchases. Intense directs online customers to the bike-shops in the network, to help service and set-up their bikes if they need help, free of charge.
  • Please fill out the form below and we can get you up to speed. *Terms and Conditions apply.