“Riding the INTENSE Tracer 279 Pro made me feel 20 years younger.”
Alan Muldoon, mbr Bike Test Editor 
When we get a good review on one of our bikes we like to shout about it. Getting a 9 out of 10 from mbr’s Bike Test Editor Alan Muldoon is a rare thing! With years (if not decades) of bike testing under his belt, and a crazy in-depth knowledge of mountain bikes of all types, his seal of approval is highly sought after. 
And that’s just what happened with our Tracer 279 PRO Enduro bike. “Who is the Tracer 279 for? It’s for anyone that wants a fun bike to do everything on.” We couldn’t have said it any better ourselves. And it gets better... 
“I’m just convinced that its (Tracer 279) real calling is mucking about in the woods with your mates. As the bike test editor at mbr I get to ride a lot of different bikes, and few, if any, have had me fooling around as much as the Tracer 279. Okay, so it’s not the Elixir of youth, but any bike that makes you ride like a kid again has got to be a good thing, right?” Alan Muldoon, mbr Bike Test Editor 

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Photos: mbr/Rich Butcher (static), mbr/Roo Fowler (action)